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Harvest continues to seek and develop oil and gas fields with great potential worldwide.

Harvest Natural Resources, Inc. is an independent energy company engaged in the acquisition, development, production and disposition of oil and natural gas properties. Common shares of Harvest Natural Resources, Inc. trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol HNR.

Recent News

Harvest Natural Resources Announces Extension of Share Purchase Agreement / Read More

October 2, 2014

HOUSTON, Oct. 2, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Harvest Natural Resources, Inc. (NYSE: HNR) ("Harvest") today announced that Petroandina Resources Corporation N.V. ("Petroandina") has elected to extend the current October 7, 2014 termination date under the Share Purchase Agreement, dated December 16, 2013, for a period of one month. As a result of Petroandina's extension and in accordance with the Share Purchase Agreement, Harvest has elected to request disbursement of an additional $2.0 million loan from Petroandina during such extension


Harvest Natural Resources Announces At-The-Market Equity Financing Program/ Read More

September 5, 2014

HOUSTON, Sept. 5, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Harvest Natural Resources, Inc. (NYSE: HNR) ("Harvest") today announced that it has entered into an equity distribution agreement ("Agreement") with Raymond James & Associates, Inc. ("Raymond James") relating to an "at-the-market" offering of shares of our common stock having an aggregate sales price of up to $75,000,000. Under the terms of the Agreement, Harvest may offer and sell shares of its common stock through Raymond James by means of transactions on the New York Stock Exchange at market prices prevailing at the time of sale, at prices related to the prevailing market price, at negotiated rates, or as otherwise agreed to by Harvest and Raymond James.


Harvest Natural Resources Announces 2014 Second Quarter Results / Read More

August 11, 2014

HOUSTON, Aug. 11, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Harvest Natural Resources, Inc. (NYSE: HNR) (Harvest or the Company) today announced 2014 second quarter earnings and provided an operational update.